How to easily and affordably fix a blown head gasket

When the individuals own a car, he or she definitely knows about the head gasket because it is nothing but the gasket which sits between the cylinder heads and engine block in an internal combustion engine.

The main purpose of this head gasket is to seal the existing cylinders in order to ensure the maximum compression and as well as to avoid the leakage of engine oil or coolant into the cylinders.

The blown head gasket is a very common problem faced by the car owners often at many times. In order to get rid of this issue at your busy moments, everyone is highly recommended to know how to fix a blown head gasket in an easier manner.

Symptoms of the blown head gasket:

Whenever your car has a blown head gasket problem, you can find it from the following symptoms including,

  • White exhaust
  • Milky discoloration of oil
  • Bubble formations in cooling system
  • Engine misfiring
  • Overheating
  • Loss of coolant without visible leaks

Fixing your blown head gasket:

The repair or fixing process of the blown head gasket inside your car engine is highly safe, effective and affordable process. At the same time, the blown head gasket repair is not only affordable to save your money but it is also easy and fast to install.

If you are following the traditional physical head gasket repair or engine tear down repair methods, they will take from many hours to several days in general. This is why a lot of leading car companies or spare companies have been introducing the best and fast blown head gasket repair products.

First of all, you should know how to fix a blown head gasket with the help of such available products which are easier to use. You just have to follow these steps in order to easily repair your blown head gasket.

Step 1: Stop driving your car

Once you have found the blown head gasket, it is really very important to take an immediate action. You can see the initial sign of the coolant leading with the pudding and smell along with some problems like engine roughness, low coolant level, and lower power. At this situation, it is essential to quickly stop driving a car.

Step 2: Checking the current condition of your coolant

After stopping your car, first you have to check the current coolant condition. If you have found the best blown head gasket repair product, it can be directly used in any kind of the engine coolant but repair process is a very good thing to drain and also replace your coolant.

Step 3: Select the best blown head gasket repair product

It is highly recommended to choose the best brand of leak or blown head gasket repair product which suits best to repair the problems with your head gasket.

There are essential instructions on the package of the blown head gasket repair products. You have to read such instructions and follow them to easily and effectively use it in a better way.

These products are not like the traditional physical head gasket repair methods because they are the chemical repair products which offer an easier way to seal the leak without necessary to disassemble your car engine.

Step 4: Pour chemical head gasket repair product on engine

Once you have chosen a right blown head gasket repair product from the leading brand, you have to use it on your engine in order to get the best solution. Usually, such kinds of products are in the liquid format and you should need to pour it into the coolant tank of your car.

During this process, it is not necessary to drain your cooling system. At the same time, all the users should have to make sure that you are applying this liquid repair product only in the well-ventilated area. Don’t perform this repair process in the closed garage because you will be at the risk of several potential harmfulness like the release of carbon monoxide.

When your car can run continuously for 15 to 20 minutes without overheat after that particular time, then you have fixed the blown head gasket problem for smooth running.

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